Metron's success directly correlates with the success of its founders and the dedication of its staff.

J. Van Gurley
President and CEO
Eric W. George, Chief Financial Officer, Metron Eric W. George
Chief Financial Officer

Thomas L. Mifflin, Chief Executive Officer, Metron Thomas L. Mifflin
Senior Vice President
Maribeth B. Dwyer, Vice President, Human Resources Maribeth B. Dwyer 
Vice President, Human Resources

Seth Blackwell
Vice President, Contracts

Tom Corwin
Distinguished Fellow

Lawrence D Stone, Chief Scientist, Metron Lawrence D. Stone
Chief Scientist of Metron
Michael A. Atamian
Vice President, OASiS 

Christopher M. Boner
Vice President, ADA 
Christine M.R. Judd
Vice President, UMS

Jeffrey W. Monroe
Vice President, ORCA 

Robert E. Zarnich
Vice President, AMA 


Additional Management Team

Terence J. Bazow
Director, AMA
Gregory A. Godfrey
Director, ADA
Jeffery A. Jones
Director, ORCA

Patrick L. Kennedy
Director, ORCA
Douglas C. Marble
Director, AMA
Bradley S. Moskowitz
Director, ADA

Matthew R. Norton
Director, ORCA
Marconi B. Ratonel
Director, ORCA
Jonah Sonnenshein
Director, OASiS

Aaron P. Wagner
Director, UMS