Jeffery A. Jones

Director, ORCA

Mr. Jones opened and has led Metron’s Rosslyn Office (originally Crystal City) since 2006. The office supports nearly all Navy commands in the Pentagon (OPNAV) responsible for developing the Navy’s budget (OPNAV N1, N2/6, N8, and N9), as well as several organizations at the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), including CAPE AIL, A&S. This office also supports a wide range of DoD system, concept, and M&S development commands such as the Marine Corp’s MCCDC Operations Analysis Division, and the Navy’s small and unmanned systems programs (PEO UCS).

Mr. Jones has led or supported multiple high level Department efforts such as the Wideband Communication Services AOA, the Protected Satellite Communications System AOA, and the Joint Aerial Layer Network. In all of these efforts the office provides decision support using and developing a wide variety of tools and techniques for producing objective analysis, and system engineering products. The majority of these efforts resulted in products supporting major policy, budget, and system tradeoff decisions made by the DoD.

Mr. Jones has supported several DARPA technology development efforts. Including the development of a hardware-in-the-loop acoustic communications model for accurately predicting ACOMMS ranges, and assist operational planners in UUV operations. As well as leading the network and communication architecture development for Cross Domain Maritime Surveillance and Targeting (CDMAST)

Prior to leading Metron’s Rosslyn office he worked onsite in OPNAV N61, N81, and N70. He managed the design and execution of campaign and operational analysis. He worked with the Navy to develop the Navy's planned C4ISR architecture for 2012 and 2020. He supported C4ISR analysis accomplished by N81/N00X including analysis briefed to CNO, SECNAV, and SECDEF.

With Jeff Monroe of Metron, Mr. Jones led all aspects of the NSS software development effort since program inception in 1995. He is a co-architect of the NSS software architecture. He managed a Metron team of approximately ten software developers and interfaced with a Metron team of Naval operations analysts. In 2000, with Lockheed Martin, Mr. Jones co-developed two NSS variants used in major industry acquisition programs. He designed the interface used to integrate NSS with GCCS and LAWS in 1998.

He provided support on numerous studies and exercises including multiple trips at sea during JTFEXs, FBEs, Global Wargames, and laboratory simulation and C2 system federation experiments. Mr Jones assisted with software design and development of multiple tools, as well as providing analytical and statistical support to numerous studies on many topics including space systems, anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare, logistics, Close Air Support, and tactical communications. He assisted SPAWAR in developing TADIL-J message set extensions to support Ballistic Missile Defense

He was a leading member of a small team of Metron software developers who implemented the Composite Warfare Model (CWM) for Northrop-Grumman Corporation. In 1994 CWM was selected by CINCPACFLT to serve as the starting point for the Naval Simulation System (NSS) design and development effort.


  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, University of California, San Diego, 1993