Jonah Sonnenshein

Jonah Sonnenshein

Mr. Jonah Sonnenshein joined Metron in 1997 and currently manages the Operations Analysis and Simulation Science (OASiS) division software development group.  He has extensive experience with modeling and simulation (M&S) as a Senior Software Analyst for the Naval Simulation System (NSS), extending to all stages of the software development process.  Mr. Sonnenshein has made significant contributions to the NSS model engine, graphical user interface, and network architecture.  In addition, he plays a lead role in program management, software design, algorithm development, testing, configuration and change management, and technical support/maintenance as part of the overall quality assurance effort for NSS.  Mr. Sonnenshein is currently leading an effort to modify NSS to represent U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) platforms and missions so it can serve as the USCG’s official campaign analysis tool.  Finally, he has participated in developing several Metron M&S decision aids that utilize Mixed Integer Programming (MIP) to produce optimized solutions to problems in Strike Warfare planning and logistics.

Mr. Sonnenshein is the principal investigator and lead architect for Warfighting Impact of Simulated Decision Makers (WISDM), a user-configurable software suite consisting of warfare M&S software integrated with agent-based models of human cognition and behavior.  It is designed to assist Navy/Joint programs charged with evaluating and improving the performance of the warfighter by enabling analysis of decision making – and its impact on warfighting effectiveness – at a level of fidelity comparable to that of traditional warfare.

Mr. Sonnenshein is the technical lead for the Search and Rescue Application (SARApp), a DARPA-funded effort to develop smartphone applications and web-based software to document field search activities and track progress for search management and incident command center decision making.  Mr. Sonnenshein made extensive contributions to the design, development, testing, evaluation, and documentation of the SARApp handheld client application and web‑based server.  He also works with first responders in operational settings to solicit requirements and feedback for the system.

Mr. Sonnenshein has extensive experience developing interoperable software systems.  He developed and employed NSS in support of multiple HLA Federations that integrated NSS with numerous other simulations to support acquisition analysis, experimentation, and wargaming.  He has also led the integration of NSS with other simulations and data sources via import and export of XML documents.  Finally, he has overseen the integration of SARApp with several independent incident response management systems.

Mr. Sonnenshein has warfare analysis experience in multiple mission areas.  He has participated in several studies using NSS as part of Metron’s support to OPNAV N81’s annual Budget Reviews.  His experience encompasses study definition, scenario development, data collection, CONOPS refinement, and results processing.

Mr. Sonnenshein holds a Top Secret security clearance. 


• Bachelor of Arts, Computer Science, Brown University, 1998