Douglas C. Marble

Director, UMS

Dr. Marble has contributed to Office of Naval Research, Naval Sea Systems Command, and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency focused on Anti-Submarine Warfare, maritime autonomous vehicles and mission payloads, systems of systems engineering, mission planning, Mine Warfare, and Surface Warfare.  He has also served as a consultant, sea-test lead, logistics coordinator and oceanographer on a US Navy Large Displacement Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (LDUUV) prototype project.

His work in these areas includes project management, research and development, engineering prototyping and high resolution coupled, near-shore ocean modeling to support Unmanned Maritime Vehicle mission planning, autonomy, testing and operations as well as concept of employment and tactics development for emerging technologies.

As Principal Investigator on ONR’s Automation for UxV Based MCM Task Force Planning Future Naval Capability project, he is leading analysts and programmers in formulating core planning algorithms which provide the mathematical foundation for probabilistic Course of Action generation/updates and planning based on measures of effectiveness and risk, enabling in stride re-planning and near real time plan re-evaluation.

As a key member of Metron’s DARPA Cross Domain Maritime Surveillance and Targeting program team, Dr. Marble leveraged expertise in autonomy, unmanned systems, hardware and software open architectures, modeling, simulation, and the enabling command, control, and communication technologies between air, ocean surface, and sub-surface domains to create new warfighting capabilities consisting of novel combinations of manned and unmanned systems. Through engineering analysis and modeling/simulation in the first phase of the program, Metron demonstrated integrated system performance and developed new tactics capitalizing on the heterogeneous architecture.

Dr. Marble helped the Metron team achieve several technology development and risk reduction milestones as part of the ONR LDUUV INP effort, assisting in the design, build and at-sea testing of large vehicle prototypes and mission relevant payload assemblies.

Dr. Marble brings over 27 years of Navy service, command experience and leadership in science and technology program and project management, Navy and Marine Corps research and development, technology transition, operational oceanography and global fleet operations.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Physical Oceanography, Naval Postgraduate School, 2001
  • Masters, Meteorology and Physical Oceanography, Naval Postgraduate School, 1993
  • Bachelors Marine Science, University of South Carolina, 1986