Jonah Sonnenshein

Director, OASiS

Mr. Jonah Sonnenshein joined Metron in 1997 as a Software Analyst Intern.  He is currently a Director in the Operations Analysis and Simulation Science (OASiS) Division, where he oversees modeling and simulation (M&S) software development efforts and analytic studies in support of various customers within the Navy, broader DOD, DHS, and industry.

Mr. Sonnenshein has extensive experience in all stages of the software engineering process, including requirements elicitation and definition, software design, implementation, project management, quality assurance, and technical support.  Mr. Sonnenshein manages software development, maintenance, and training for the Naval Simulation System (NSS), the premier naval and maritime simulation system in use today. NSS is a data-driven, user configurable, discrete-event, Monte Carlo simulation employed by more than 30 organizations for multi-warfare mission area analysis. Mr. Sonnenshein has made significant contributions to the NSS model engine, graphical user interface, and network architecture and plays a lead role in NSS program management, algorithm development, configuration control, and distribution.

Mr. Sonnenshein led an effort that significantly enhanced NSS to produce the next-generation U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) campaign analysis model. This effort involved extensive modeling modifications to accurately represent USCG platforms and missions, as well as architectural changes to accommodate the large scale and duration of USCG scenarios.  Mr. Sonnenshein has also participated in developing several tactical decision aids that utilize Mixed Integer Programming (MIP) to produce optimized solutions to problems in strike warfare and logistics.

Mr. Sonnenshein is the principal investigator and lead architect for Warfighting Impact of Simulated Decision Makers (WISDM), an integrated and user-configurable C4ISR, warfare, and cognitive modeling suite that enables users to assess the impact of warfighter behavior and decision making on higher-level mission effectiveness metrics. WISDM integrates NSS with the Soar cognitive architecture and is a Navy Phase III SBIR success story.

Mr. Sonnenshein served as the technical lead for the Search and Rescue Application (SARApp), a DARPA-funded effort to develop mobile and web-based applications to document field search activities and track progress for search management and incident command center decision making.  Mr. Sonnenshein made extensive contributions to the design, development, testing, evaluation, and documentation of the SARApp system and worked with first responders in operational settings to provide training and elicit feedback and requirements.

Mr. Sonnenshein has extensive experience developing interoperable software systems.  He has integrated NSS with numerous other simulations and data sources – both statically and dynamically – using a variety of technologies and data formats. Mr. Sonnenshein also has extensive experience employing modeling and simulation to support acquisition analysis, experimentation, and wargaming across multiple mission areas.  His experience encompasses study definition, data collection, scenario development, CONOPS refinement, and analysis of results.


  • Bachelor of Arts, Computer Science, Brown University, 1998