Marconi B. Ratonel

Director, ORCA

Mr. Ratonel joined Metron in 2000. He is a computer engineer and systems analyst with 18 years of hands-on experience supporting Government, Military, and Industry clients in the areas of Operations Research, Modeling and Simulation, Systems Effectiveness Analysis, Decision Support System Design and Implementation, and Information Technology Driven Process Improvements. He has extensive experience with modeling and simulation software development, extending to all stages of the software development process: design, implementation, testing, documentation, and project management.  Mr. Ratonel has served as a technical lead on various projects, while making considerable contributions to Metron’s modeling and simulation development efforts, including Executable Architecture Management System (ExAMS), Naval Simulation System (NSS), Joint Systems Analysis Simulation (JSAS), Bandwidth Analysis Toolkit (BAT), and Cyber Security Simulation (CSS). Most notably. Mr. Ratonel assisted in designing, developing and use of Cyber Assassin, which is a high fidelity cyber simulation tool that explicitly models populations of cyber users as discrete autonomous agents.

From 2012 to present, Mr. Ratonel serves as a Director and technical supervisor and main point of contact for all Liberty Station Metron office support to SPAWAR and OPNAV N81.  Mr. Ratonel currently leads the Unified Platform (UP) Analysis of Alternative (AoA) task, supporting the Joint Service. His accomplishments during this time also include leading the development of a cyber-warfare model for World Class Modeling (WCM) that is sponsored through N81, the new model is the Cyber-security Simulation System (CSS).  A prototype of CSS has already been used in the Expunging Existing Network Intruders (EENI) study.  Under the EENI study Mr. Ratonel worked with operational subject matter experts to identify specific computer network attack vectors and current CND capabilities and used CSS to quantify these relationships. These types of experiences and contacts gained helps to advance the cyber, network and bandwidth related knowledge that is areas of emphasis for the Liberty Station office as a whole and Mr. Ratonel specifically.

From 2006 to 2012, Mr. Ratonel expanded his role and became a Senior Software Analyst for the Operations Research and Cyber Analysis (ORCA) division of Metron.  Mr. Ratonel has experience onsite at SPAWAR 051 and specializes in C4ISR modeling, simulation and Operations Analysis.  He has worked numerous SPAWAR and PEO studies, including the Computer Network Defense (CND), C2 Bottlenecks in ASW and Navy’s War-fighting Bandwidth Requirements Assessment studies.  Mr. Ratonel also has served as Metron’s technical lead on numerous SPAWAR 5.1.1 studies, including Net-Centric Continuity of Operations, Navy Afloat/Ashore C2 Balance, and Expunging Existing Network Intruders.

From 2000 to 2006, Mr. Ratonel’s main focus was been involvement in all aspects of the comprehensive and complex NSS software development effort.  He directed the design and implementation of many of the core NSS C4ISR model representations across all Warfare Mission Areas, he also implemented state-of-the-art object oriented analysis and design, quality assurance, configuration management, and developer verification and testing procedures and practices. Mr. Ratonel has worked to upgrade the model in support of CPF and ONR contracts, has contributed to the development of the Joint Systems Analysis Simulation (JSAS), and developed the model to extend system behavior in support of Lockheed Martin and the Deepwater program. Mr. Ratonel employed his skills in C++, JAVA, XML, Pascal, MFC, HTML, Assembly Language, Object-Oriented Software Development in the accomplishments of these tasks.


  • B.S., Computer Engineering, University of California, San Diego, 2000