Advanced Mathematics Applications (AMA)

Advanced Mathematics Applications (AMA)

Metron’s Advanced Mathematics Applications (AMA) Division employs applicable mathematics to develop technology for government R&D facilities such as the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency, and the Office of Naval Research.

The two main thrusts of the division’s work are non linear data fusion and threat detection for counter-terrorism. Successful products include the Non Linear Discrete State Tracking Algorithm (NodeStar), the Pattern Analysis and Bayesian Link Discovery Tool for Transactional Networks (Paladin), and the Terrorist Tracking and Alert System (TerrAlert).

NodeStar is based on rigorous Bayesian mathematics and is designed to solve advanced antisubmarine warfare target motion analyses. Paladin is designed to detect threat activities and network anomalies by efficiently searching massive relational databases. TerrAlert has been developed for tracking the progress of, and optimizing, courses of action against suspect terrorist operations.

The Advanced Mathematics Applications Division employs mathematicians, physicists, and computer scientists. The division routinely applies stochastic process models, statistical inference, optimization, models of random graphs, and applied physics to develop the underlying theory for the advanced applications they deliver to clients.

When working in this division, an employee’s specific academic training is not as important as his or her innate ability to learn new areas of mathematics and willingness to work on difficult problems.

Advanced Mathematics Applications