Operations Analysis And Simulation Sciences (OASiS)

Operations Analysis And Simulation Sciences (OASiS)

Operations Research (OR) and Operations Analysis (OA) are disciplines that employ mathematical models, statistical analyses, simulations, analytical reasoning, and knowledge of the operational environment with the ultimate goal of understanding and improving real-world processes and operations. Staff responsibilities include translation of military operations and policies into algorithms, project/software definition, high-level design of graphical user interfaces, design of algorithms for simulation products, and conduct of analytic studies.

The OASiS Division’s professional staff is composed of highly qualified and motivated mathematicians, physical scientists, computer scientists, and military operations research analysts. We frequently support the real-world application of Metron simulation products, which has led to greatly enhanced end-product utility and relevance.


The OASiS Division, working directly with the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) and the Space and Naval Warfare Command (SPAWAR), has participated in the design and execution of campaign analyses since 2004. In the course of these efforts, the OASiS Division helped to develop the Navy’s command and control architectures for future timeframes. These architectures were employed in simulations and analyses of potential conflicts. Ultimately, the analyses provided recommendations on investment priorities to the Navy. Analyses at these levels are challenging, as there is a need to balance long-term needs to modernize United States forces with near-term operational needs.

Operational support has been a major focus of the OASiS Division operations for over a decade. Metron analysts work directly onsite at Commander, Pacific Fleet (COMPACFLT) and the Navy Warfare Development Command (NWDC), with their efforts focused on assessment of alternative courses of action (COA) for fleet operational and contingency plans. This support extensively employs the Naval Simulation System (NSS), developed by Metron’s OASiS Division for the Navy. Scenarios examined range from the small one-versus-one or few-versus-few tactical situations (TACSITS) all the way to theater level campaigns with multiple simultaneous (composite) warfare interactions. Metron has also provided expert, onsite NSS support to the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI).

Recently, Metron has developed mobile applications (“apps”) for smart phones for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Our Search and Rescue application (SARApp) leverages commercial smart phones to document search efforts and to collect evidence.

Modeling And Simulation Development

Metron’s OASiS Division builds military simulation systems that provide comprehensive treatments of information collection, information dissemination, situation assessment, and dynamic resource allocation of systems and processes. Major OASiS Division simulation products employed by the DoD are the Shipboard Aviation and Force Effectiveness for General Air and Raid Defenses (SAFEGARD) model, Naval Simulation System (NSS), Joint Systems Analysis Simulation (JSAS), and the Synchronous Parallel Environment for the Emulation of Discrete Event Simulations (SPEEDES), a state-of-the-art parallel processing simulation engine to military clients.

The OASiS Division also provides onsite software support to the Missile Defense Agency, with emphasis on supporting the SPEEDES infrastructure used to train operators in ballistic missile defense operations.