Industry Analyses

Industry Support

Metron’s OASiS Division has a long history of cooperative efforts with Defense Industry Partners. Our customers include Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, BAE Systems, and other Industry leaders. Metron uses its Operations Research (OR) and simulation skills to help the Industry partner model operational systems, to include sensors, weapons systems, communications architectures, and even ships and aircraft.

DDG-1000 Design And Analyses

The DDG-1000 class destroyer is tailored to bring offensive, distributed, and precision firepower at long range in support of forces ashore. As a highly versatile “sea base,” DDG-1000 provides independent forward presence and deterrence and operate as an integral part of joint and combined expeditionary strike forces.

Metron’s OASiS Division was involved with the DDG-1000 program from 1999 through 2007. The OASiS Division was a full Industry partner to Lockheed Martin. During the course of the effort, the OASiS Division built a Lockheed Martin proprietary simulation that was employed for effectiveness analyses of the DDG-1000. The OASiS Division leveraged its experience with the Naval Simulation System (NSS) and with Lockheed Martin funding, developed a proprietary version called the Lockheed Martin Systems Analysis Simulation (LMSAS). This model includes representations for land attack missions, defense from cruise missiles, and improved command and control. The DDG-1000 effort led to a continuing relationship with Lockheed Martin, who continues to be a key Industry partner to Metron.

More information on the DDG-1000 program can be found at the official Navy website.

LRLAP 155mm Round. Picture copyrighted by DD (X) National Team

LRLAP 155mm Round

Integrated Coast Guard Systems (ICGS) Support For Lockheed Martin

As the lead systems integrator for the Coast Guard’s Deepwater modernization program, Lockheed Martin chartered the OASiS Division to jointly conduct tradeoffs associated with sensor and communications packages, ship design, and the ability for the Deepwater program to meet the Coast Guard’s needs. Metron supported Lockheed Martin’s Deepwater efforts since the competition began in 2001. Metron analytic studies have focused on the ability of the current and future Coast Guard Fleet to meet operational objectives, across a wide variety of mission areas (search and rescue, alien migrant interdiction operations, counter drug operations, etc.). As part of this effort, Metron extensively modified the NSS model to represent Coast Guard operations. The Joint Systems Analysis Simulation (JSAS) model can represent large area, combined US Navy and US Coast Guard operations, to include tactical command decision logic, boarding, and interdiction operations. Consequently, the JSAS model also is applicable for studying Homeland Defense scenarios.

Integrated Coast Guard Systems (ICGS) Support For Lockheed Martin