Since contract award on 1 June 2006, the Metron Team is eligible to bid for Task Orders in all 7 SeaPort-e Geographic Zones.

Should you, as either a large or small business, want to join the Metron SeaPort-e Team:

The US Navy has awarded over 1100 prime contracts so that industry teams can pursue service task orders in 22 areas.

Metron and its SeaPort-e teammates will selectively bid and execute service tasks in the 22 areas. Please refer to Bids and Awards for our Team’s record.

The SeaPort-e mechanism furthers the Navy’s Seapower 21 objective to increase Enterprise efficiency, allow for tailoring services to the needs of dispersed acquisition organizations with diverse product area requirements and missions.

Our Metron Team prides itself on: customer knowledge to address capability gaps, top notch technical skills, sound business practices, and ethical behavior in all pursuits under N00178-06-D-4812 until contract expiration in May 2009.

Useful documents posted by the Navy:

Team’s Master Contract
Operating Procedural Information
Task Order Workflow Diagram

SeaPort-e Geographic Zones