Bandwidth Analysis Toolkit (BAT)

Bandwidth Analysis Toolkit (BAT)

BAT employs machine learning to predict the bandwidth utilization of military assets under user-specified scenarios and conditions. The toolkit includes a bandwidth visualization component that provides detailed near real-time analysis of network traffic and bandwidth utilization.

BAT generates present bandwidth utilization based on collected data and operator inputs and generates predictive bandwidth utilization based on future capabilities and requirements.

BAT Graphic

Acquisition Analysis – Allows users to compare bandwidth demand and system configurations to better assess bandwidth requirements.

Operational Planning – Uses collected bandwidth data, scenario details and satellite databases to determine overall bandwidth available over time to each blue asset playing in a given scenario.

Platform Situational Awareness – Visually represents bandwidth usage-to-user in real time, which allows for increased network situational awareness. Records traffic trends and alerts user of atypical or potentially harmful activity.

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BAT Product Anaysis

Model’s use and data collection efforts can lead to systems and network optimization.

BAT Acquisition Analysis

BAT assists with communications by presenting the state of a live network to the user by displaying bandwidth traffic in real-time to near-real time.