PED Utilization Model And Analyzer (PUMA)

PED Utilization Model and Analyzer (PUMA)

PUMA (PED Utilization Model and Analyzer) is an ExtendSim-based discrete event model of the TCPED process from sensor collection through dissemination. Data flows are specific to each collection platform and are derived from OPNAV N2N6 Technical Baselines. It accounts for limitations of communications bandwidth and incorporates work force, exploitation times and operator/automated tool performance.

PUMA is the first model developed that allows analysts to examine the PED process with as much detail and precision as needed. The tool accurately represents the PED process and allows the user to extract metrics that identify the direct impacts of PED process modifications.

PUMA System of Systems Approach

A highly structured data collection and validation process informed the PUMA development process.

PUMA Generic PED Process

PUMA’s outputs can be used as inputs to several mission-level models.

PUMA Process Model Exploitation

All processes are tailored for each node/platform to reflect manpower and tools.