Metron's Cyber Assassin modeling and simulation suite allows users to perform cyber-impact analysis by conducting on-demand war gaming scenarios.

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Cyber Assassin is a state of the art modeling and simulation tool suite that includes a high-fidelity cyber simulation tool which explicitly models populations of cyber users as discrete autonomous agents. It allows traceability of changes caused by cyber activities and their impacts on system performance, information flow, and mission success.

Solutions for Real World Problems

Metron understands the challenges that are facing program offices, stakeholders and decision makers in the connected enterprise to secure their assets. Metron has experience building models of a variety of operational network architectures including afloat, ashore, and aloft networks as well as modeling the unique constraints of each network type as they face off against a range of cyber attacks.

Cyber Assassin uses an enhanced data model and mission-modeling capabilities that incorporate high fidelity characterization of network, cyber behavior, users, command and control, and threats. Cyber Assassin allows users to conduct on-demand war gaming scenarios. System and architecture vulnerabilities can be tested with cyber agents’ behavior in a mission context using Monte Carlo simulation. This allows the collection of objective metrics of performance (MOPs) and metrics of effectiveness (MOEs) for use in design and impact analysis.




Robust Simulation and Analysis

Multi-level Analysis

Cyber Assassin supports multi-warfare mission area analysis and enables users to trace cyber activity impacts across these mission areas. Complex scenarios can be run in multiple Monte Carlo replications, producing results that can statistically measure desired outcomes along with the factors that contribute to those outcomes. Cyber Assassin examines the dynamic evolution of all forces, locations, states, and vulnerabilities by incorporating various component and system-level capabilities to measure their impact on higher level total force effectiveness metrics. These metrics can be used directly in cost-benefit trade analyses.


Traceable Actions

Cyber Assassin’s event-driven model includes Red and Blue cyber actors carrying out sequences of detectable and preventable host and network events. These events can improve the cyber situational awareness (SA) of the actor or result in changes to the host and network state. Discrete components, triggered by messages sent from other components, are responsible for causing specific events, actions, and observations on specific network hosts.


High-Fidelity Modeling

Cyber Assassin incorporates the latest information available by providing links to existing authoritative data sources including National Vulnerability Database, CAPEC, and Joint Common System Function List. Using this information, Cyber Assassin produces an advanced cyber vulnerability model in which users are explicitly modeled as well as sensor deployment, sensor processing and mitigation. This allows for higher fidelity modeling of various attack patterns in which attacks interact with system reliability and other system-related processing.

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