ExAMS is Metron-developed, government-owned software that integrates architecture with modeling and simulation to support the entire system of systems engineering (SoSE) process.

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ExAMS seamlessly integrates a data-centric framework with a robust mission simulation tool. ExAMS captures all system of systems (SoS) information at the data level, enabling ExAMS to automatically generate architecture views and simulate the SoS architecture to evaluate its effectiveness.

Streamlined SoSE

ExAMS streamlines the system of systems engineering (SoSE) process and reduces errors as well as cost. ExAMS automates the ingestion of data into a structured environment to run analysis and generate DoD architecture framework (DoDAF) along with other view formats.

Rich Data Model

Architecture development maintains a data-centric point of view and is fully integrated with a mission-level model, allowing rapid execution and evaluation of alternatives. Instead of representing architecture as a series of views or pictures, ExAMS represents all of the architecture data elements and the relationships between these data elements. With ExAMS, analysts and engineers are able to integrate all of the steps of the SoSE process together by maintaining data consistency via a centralized architecture database. This reduces error and increases speed of execution, allowing examination and assessment of hundreds of sets of alternatives.

Modeling Human Factors

ExAMS includes the capability to incorporate human factors at the vignette level. Human Systems Integration (HSI) condition variables can be simulation dependent (e.g., altitude, sea state, and tasking amount assigned to a person), or selected by the user during the modeling. Resultant metrics include a performance score, number of person activities (tasks) that occurred, and time to complete activities.

Traceable Changes

It provides traceability between changes to individual system performance, data architecture, and information flow to mission impacts tested in a discrete-event, Monte Carlo simulation environment. ExAMS has sophisticated tracking algorithms and information management functionality.

Custom Metrics

ExAMS has over 150 metrics available to display output from the mission simulation, and is designed for plug-in capability so that custom calculations and metrics can also be collected. For instance, to ascertain the impact of big data analytics upon mission performance, a combination of observability, target detection, detector type count, track persistence, Area of Uncertainty (AoU), ambiguity, and Identification accuracy could be used to feed custom Measures of Performance (MoP). Similarly, to ascertain the suitability of big data analytics architectures, additional metrics run through the component and network managers could display bottlenecks, HSI, and interoperability issues.

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