Metron-developed Naval Simulation System (NSS) is a data-driven, discrete-event, multi-mission, Monte Carlo simulation tool that models weaponry, sensors, commanders, data processing and more.

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Metron has been the sole developer of the Naval Simulation System (NSS) since its inception as a Navy Program of Record in 1996 and has executed over 100 NSS-based studies for its government and industry customers.

Advanced Naval Modeling and Simulation

NSS is a data-driven, user configurable, discrete-event, multi-mission, Monte Carlo simulation that models weaponry, sensors, commanders, data processing and fusion, and related communications.

At the heart of NSS resides an observe-orient-decide-act (OODA) feedback loop. NSS models not only the ground truth state of platforms and systems within a scenario, but also the individual perceived tactical picture of each platform and commander. These tactical pictures are formed by the network of sensors feeding them, which in turn employ aggregated modeling of physics-level effects to generate detections.

Because sensors can make inaccurate measurements, and the communications systems along which detections are transmitted incur delays, tactical pictures will differ from ground truth and each other.

Individual human decision makers are represented by software agents in NSS, each with their own user-defined tactical rule sets that operate against their perceived tactical picture and initiate actions that affect ground truth. The wide variety of user-configurable metrics generated by NSS, and consequently the analysis products that are based on them, also capture this distinction between ground truth system state and individual actor perception. Thus they enable the user to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of C4ISR systems and CONOPS by providing traceability from system-level measures of performance (MOPs) to higher-level warfighting measures of effectiveness (MOEs).

Wide Adoption

NSS is widely used throughout the naval modeling community for:

  • tactical development & evaluation (TAC D&E) and analyzing the effectiveness of alternative concepts of operations (CONOPS).
  • refinement of operational plans (OPLANS) using excursion-based analysis in support of senior military decision makers.
  • naval war games, exercises, and experiments in support of training and identification of areas requiring further analysis.
  • defining and evaluating future platform/system/system-of-systems requirements and optimal force structures in support of acquisition decisions.

Key Capabilities

The core strengths of NSS include its:

  • explicit representation of command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems and processes
  • modeling of human decision making based on perceived (vs. ground truth) situational awareness
  • ability to demonstrate traceability from C4ISR system performance, CONOPS, and force structures to high-level scenario objectives using a rich, user-customizable library of measures of performance (MOPs) and measures of effectiveness (MOEs)

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Metron hires experts in applied mathematics, software engineering, operations research, and physical modeling.

Our engineers are developing innovative custom products, from design concepts through to deployment.

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