Advanced Mathematics Applications (AMA)

Metron’s AMA tackles the most demanding inference and decision support problems across the spectrum of research, development, and solution deployment.

Metron’s Advanced Mathematics and Applications (AMA) Division is a proven performer across the spectrum of research and development. We deploy solutions for some of the most difficult real-world problems.

Proven Results

Our solutions stand the test of time and allow for a continued stream of improvement and enhancements as our users needs evolve.

AMA brings an eclectic blend of traditional and modern techniques to provide solutions that are effective in support of the end users and affordable for sponsor budgets. Our commitment to principled application of mathematics, physics, engineering, and exploiting advances in technology means we are effective in solving problems, often when others have failed.

AMA is composed of a diverse mix of mathematicians, physicists, engineers, computer scientists, software engineers, and experts in STEM areas. Our multi-disciplinary team allows us to swarm problems from multiple perspectives, applying human-centered design (HCD) principles throughout our solution development.

We are relentlessly focused on creating solutions that fit the end user’s needs. We listen. And we tailor our products to support the transition to operations.

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AMA Division Leadership

Robert E. Zarnich, Ph.D.

Vice President

I started at Metron after serving as the Director of Advanced Development and Chief Scientist for Undersea Warfare/PEO IWS. Since moving into the leadership position for the AMA division, I have overseen involvement in cross discipline research and development for cognitive systems focused on automated perception for autonomous and unmanned systems.

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Robert E. Zarnich

Metron Careers

Career Opportunities

Metron hires research scientists with experience developing novel approaches that advance the state of the art in mathematics and artificial intelligence. Our scientists work alongside subject matter experts applying these innovations to new problem domains.

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