Operations Research and Cyber Analysis (ORCA)

Metron's ORCA Division specializes in operations research, systems of systems engineering, model-based system engineering, and digital engineering processes.

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Operations research is a discipline that employs mathematical models, statistical analyses, simulations, analytical reasoning, and knowledge of the operational environment with the ultimate goal of understanding and improving real-world processes and operations.

The ORCA professional staff is composed of highly qualified and motivated mathematicians, physical scientists, computer scientists, and military operations research analysts. We frequently provide on-site support for real-world applications of Metron simulation products leading to greatly enhanced end-product utility and relevance.

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ORCA Division Leadership

Jeffrey W. Monroe

Vice President

As Vice President for Metron’s Operations Research and Cyber Analysis (ORCA) Division, I have over  30 years of experience with complex Navy modeling and simulation, architecture development, and system of systems engineering.  I’ve grown my career at Metron, starting as a software engineer designing and building successful tools that are now used everyday in Navy planning.

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Metron technical experts develop state-of-the-art modeling and simulation tools used by the Department of Defense for planning, budgeting, and wargaming. Join the team that has been an expert and vital partner in this field for over 25 years.

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