Metron Incorporated releases Red Sky for coastal and inland mariners

A mobile app that provides critical real-time, crowd-sourced weather conditions.

San Diego, CA – November 11, 2019 — Commercial and recreational mariners around the world will benefit from a new mobile app that debuted in early November 2019.  Red Sky crowdsources real-time weather conditions in coastal and inland waterways, where meteorological instrumentation is sparse and fast-changing conditions can threaten mariner safety.  This observation data provides an essential complement to forecasts provided by government agencies and commercial weather companies.

Red Sky brings citizen science to the water by enlisting users to submit reports on local weather conditions.  The App uses sensors embedded in mobile devices, as well as Bluetooth-connected handheld sensors, to populate data fields in weather reports.  Users can snap a picture and add a textual description of conditions before submitting the report to the Red Sky centralized database.  Reports can also be posted to Twitter accounts.

Users can view and filter other mariners’ reports on the Red Sky home page map, display data from the National Buoy Data Center, and configure alerts to monitor specific conditions of interest such as strong winds, precipitation, or high seas.  Notifications let users know when threshold criteria posing safety threats have been exceeded in their vicinity.

Red Sky was developed by Metron, Incorporated under funding from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA).  Metron is a scientific consulting company dedicated to solving challenging problems in national defense and public safety.  Red Sky is available on both the Google Play App Store and the Apple iTunes Store under the name RedSkyWx.  You can learn more about Red Sky at