Sensing systems are used to collect data in a variety of applications ranging from your home thermostat to complex radar and sonar systems. Metron specializes in transforming that physical data into useful information.

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Our experience in Human Centered Design (HCD) provides us coveted capabilities to work with end users to customize and tailor data, displays, and controls to provide human-machine teaming on multiple scales to accomplish their role in sensor-based workflows.

We focus on providing scientific solutions to tough problems and in the case of sensing systems often this is support of remote sensing, such as radar and sonar. Metron has a great deal of experience in developing and delivering remote sensing tailored to the objectives of a clients needs. Depending on the problem and the goals, we provide effective and affordable solutions where we right-size the sophistication of the processing to achieve client objectives while controlling space, weight, cost, and complexity.

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Cognitive Sensing

Cognitive sensing systems are based on the perception-action cycle of cognition: sense the environment, form a perception of the scene, and then adapt the sensing action to satisfy system goals.

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Metron Careers

Data Science Career Opportunities

Metron hires data scientists with experience researching novel approaches that advance the state of the art. Our data scientists apply these innovations to new problem domains working alongside subject matter experts. They are familiar with machine learning tools and pipelines and work with software engineers to integrate solutions into client systems.

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