Dynamo – Evaluate. Optimize. Prioritize. Adapt.

Decision support software that dynamically updates knowledge as test data arrives​

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Test and Evaluation Optimization Tool​

Decision support software that revolutionizes test and evaluation processes. Design and execute tests that maximize the utility of information gained about a system’s performance.

Optimize test plan execution, maximize system knowledge gained vs. cost​

  • What to test and when to stop testing​
  • Focus testing on environs/contexts where system acceptance is uncertain and the value of information gained is expected to exceed the cost of gaining it​
  • Measure benefit and cost in “common currency” that​ combines weighted stakeholder priorities for risk, ​operational effectiveness, schedule, and test resources

Predicts system performance in each environment/context​

Key performance parameter (KPP) estimates with uncertainty ranges​

Maximize Every Test Hour & Test Point​

Leverage the most utility from system performance information

  • Ingests the TEMP, KPPs, and test team’s objectives, tailored to the test platform
  • Ingests all background information available: previous test data, simulations, models
  • Provides a dashboard for Test Directors to see progress (gray represents uncertainty in system performance against KPPs)

Adaptive test point (TP) selection

  • Provides TP options comparing value of knowledge gained against TP cost
  • Applies & predicts knowledge gained real-time to planned TPs reducing unneeded testing

Optimize Test Efficiency​

Dynamo demonstrated on T&E of counter-fire radar

Operational Mechanics

Harnessing Dynamic Knowledge for Strategic Test Planning

  • Utilizes a Bayesian framework with TEMP, KPPs, prior test data, and SME inputs for initial knowledge representation.
  • Tightens knowledge about system parameters as test data arrives.
  • Predicts value of knowledge and calculates net benefit for each test plan.
  • Visualizes knowledge updates dynamically, aiding in the assessment of system parameters.
  • Computes the probability distribution of outcomes for proposed test plans to determine net benefits.
  • Recommends testing decisions that provide the most “bang for the buck.”

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