Metron utilizes a variety of approaches including Bayesian optimization, stochastic dynamic programming, reinforcement learning, nonlinear gradient descent, and other advanced AI tools to build decision-support systems that help operators make the best possible decision even in chaotic situations with ambiguous information.

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Metron is a pioneer in advanced decision-aid technologies for system of systems composition and mission planning for the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security.

Decision Support Capabilities

Bayesian Optimization

Bayesian optimization is a cost-effective method for solving "black box" function-optimization problems in machine learning by strategically choosing a highly informative set of points to sample.

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Air France 447

On June 1, 2009, Air France Flight 447 disappeared during an overnight flight from Rio to Paris. Metron produced the probability map that guided searchers to the location of the wreckage.

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Lobsterman Overboard

The Metron-developed SAROPS tool led the Coast Guard to the rescue of a fisherman who had spent almost 12 hours in the water.

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Lost Gold Cities

Metron uses search theory to help the Canadian exploration company, Aurania, search for the lost 16th Century gold cities of Logroño de los Caballeros and Sevilla del Oro in the Ecuadorian jungle

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Decision Support Career Opportunities

Metron hires research scientists with experience developing novel approaches that advance the state of the art in mathematics and artificial intelligence. Our scientists work alongside subject matter experts applying these innovations to new problem domains.

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