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Advanced Simulation for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems

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Volans has delivered simulation tools for UUV and USV systems, providing unmatched reliability for defense and energy industry programs for over 13 years​

  • Close the innovation-to-deployment gap for maritime operations

  • Reduce costs, increase efficiency

  • Minimize risk, ensure long-term safety and security


Full-Mission Visualization & Analysis​

  • Detailed simulation of single and multi-vehicle platform missions
  • Customizable environments from sea floor to sky
  • Extensive test scenarios for edge case analysis
  • Customizable vehicles, sensors, and worlds
    • Navigation, hydrodynamics, sensors, and world objects

Support simulations with multiple vehicle types

Import bathymetry data in multiple formats

Accurately model multi‑vehicle communication


  • Gazebo visualization for performance review and iterative design
  • Supports complex dynamic models and scripted motion
    • 6-DOF dynamics-based models
    • 3-DOF closed-loop models
  • Fully geodetic system for accurate long-range, multi-vehicle mission simulations
  • Compatible with Metron’s ANCC and third-party autonomy stacks

Core Capabilities

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Metron designs and develops custom Resilient Mission Autonomy™ software that fuses fault detection, diagnosis, prognosis and mitigation with mission requirements, priorities, and platform capabilities.

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Metron's analytics team develops tools to process massive amounts of data, helping our client make sense of their numbers.

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Decision Support

Metron builds decision-support systems that help operators make the best possible decision even in chaotic situations with ambiguous information.

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