Metron provides the US Navy with state-of-the-art tracking and fusion technologies, allowing operators to make sense of confusing and ambiguous sensor data.

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Tracking and fusion help us to estimate something that we cannot measure directly. Metron’s expertise in tracking and fusion allows us to create custom products offering deeper sensor insights and world-class predictions.​

Making Valid Predictions From Limited Information

Tracking and fusion are critically important prediction techniques used by Metron to provide critical insight to the U.S. Navy across a wide range of applications. Metron researchers use these techniques to estimate the state of an object (e.g., a missile or submarine that we want to stop, or a person we want to rescue) when we cannot directly observe the state of the object.

Through our advanced mathematical, computer science, and artificial intelligence tools, we create data-backed predictions based on the indirect observation information available. We have successfully used these techniques to find missing sailors, gold mines, and airplanes.

Automated Tracking and Fusion

The mathematics behind tracking and fusion can be complex and confusing; well-crafted software shouldn’t be. Metron designs and implements products employing first-principles-based math and science on the back-end and a user experience built on human-centered-design principles. This means that our solutions are able to provide users with data-driven predictions in a format that is intuitive and usable. It’s one of the reasons that Metron is one of the main providers of automated tracking and fusion for the U.S. Navy.


Metron Careers

Data Science Career Opportunities

Metron hires data scientists with experience researching novel approaches that advance the state of the art. Our data scientists apply these innovations to new problem domains working alongside subject matter experts. They are familiar with machine learning tools and pipelines and work with software engineers to integrate solutions into client systems.

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