SARAPP Used in Search for Missing Person

Posted on: April 27, 2019 | David Norris - FOX San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO — The search for clues in the disappearance of Andreen McDonald continued on Saturday. Dozens of volunteers scoured the city, searching for clues, using whatever means they... More ›

Air France Flight 447 Wreckage Found Using Modern Oceanography Technology

Posted on: April 10, 2018 | Rachel Crowell - Earth Magazine

In the early morning hours of March 8, 2014, Malaysia Airlines flight 370 (MH370), en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, lost communication with air traffic control during... More ›

How to Find a Sunken Ship of Gold

Posted on: July 25, 2017 | Interview with Dr Larry Stone, Metron Scientific Solutions - The Naked Scientist

Countless ships and planes have gone down somewhere in the ocean, and finding them is not mean feat. One such vessel was the SS Central America, which sunk... More ›

ORMS February 2017

Search and Search Again

Posted on: February 24, 2017 | Douglas A. Samuelson - ORMS Today

Sometimes it takes a while to write up a good piece of work, including the pesky details. Lawrence ("Larry") Stone knows all about that. He's been working on... More ›


Posted on: January 27, 2017 | Metron Scientific Solutions

Metron Inc., has been awarded a $29,820,458 cost-plus-fixed-fee contract for an effort titled advanced autonomy for unmanned undersea vehicles to advance the science of unmanned systems through design,... More ›


Posted on: November 15, 2016 | Metron Scientific Solutions

Metron Inc. has been awarded a $7,167,816 performance based, cost-plus-fixed-fee completion contract for the development of a Maritime Counter-Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C-ISR) Planning System for the DARPA... More ›

Bayesian Search For Missing Aircraft, Ships, And People

Posted on: November 9, 2016 | J. Van Gurley and Lawrence D. Stone - Siam News

On July 23, 2013, the lobster boat Anna Mary was heading out from Montauk, New York, to the fishing grounds off Long Island. Around 9:00 p.m., Anthony Sosinski went below... More ›

SARApp Team Finds Missing Man

Posted on: February 5, 2016 | Metron Scientific Solutions

Metron's SAR organization, "Bridging the Gap," has helped a search team in Arkansas to find a missing man this past month. Here are some kind words from Julie,... More ›

Mathematics Came to the Rescue When Searching Seemed Hopeless

Posted on: February 5, 2016 | David C. Bowman - NASA

Math saves lives. Nobody knows that better than Van Gurley, a former Navy captain who today works for a company that uses sophisticated statistical modeling to solve puzzles... More ›

Our New Best Guess for Where to Find MH370: The Indian Ocean

Posted on: August 6, 2015 | Alex Davies - Wired

YOU'D THINK CONFIRMING that the piece of airplane that washed ashore on Réunion came from Flight MH370would be great news. If nothing else, it proves investigators have been spending their... More ›