Resilient Mission Autonomy

Metron designs and develops custom Resilient Mission Autonomy™ software that fuses fault detection, diagnosis, prognosis and mitigation with mission requirements, priorities, and platform capabilities.

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Metron’s autonomy ensures long-duration mission success by considering platform health, potential risks, and mission requirements to proactively anticipate and mitigate challenges the vehicle may encounter while underway.


From pre-mission planning, to expressive mission plan definitions, to onboard autonomous plan execution, to responding to changes with adaptive planning, Metron is focused on supporting the operator’s mission needs and requirements.


In environments where communications are either unavailable or risky, Metron’s autonomy ensures the vehicle can operate safely and complete the mission independently from human operators using intelligent and autonomous decision making.


Autonomous and Unmanned System Capabilities

Metron develops technologies to increase the reliability and longevity of unmanned vehicles in some the world’s most demanding environments, on some of the most complex of missions via improved prognostics, intelligent planning, and adaptive decision making. Health status monitoring enables preventive maintenance, increases operational availability, reduces sustainment costs, and minimizes critical mission failures via automated detection of anomalous behaviors and prediction of faults before they occur. When combined with intelligent and adaptive risk-aware planning, such as generation of travel routes that consider physical risk and adaptation of tasks plans to unanticipated conditions, Metron minimizes vehicle and mission risks.

Multi-Domain Expertise

Active and Recent Autonomous Systems Programs

Metron’s groundbreaking work enables autonomous vehicles in the most extreme environments: from remote ground locations to coastal waters to the deepest seas.

Multi-Domain Expertise


  • ONR Advanced Undersea Mission Autonomy (AUMA)
  • DARPA TTO Angler
  • DARPA TTO Manta Ray
  • ONR Large Diameter Underwater Vehicle Innovative Naval Prototype
  • Metron ANCC Autonomy


  • PUMBA SBIR for the US Army

Sea Surface

  • DARPA TTO No Manning Required, Ship (NOMARS)
  • Threat Avoidance Planning and Response SBIR for the US Navy (PMS 406)
  • Systems Health Monitoring SBIR for for the US Navy (PMS 406/PMS 420)


  • NASA Mission-Informed Fault Management
Products & Tools

Autonomy, Navigation, Command & Control (ANCC)

For more than a decade, Metron's Autonomy, Navigation, Command & Control (ANCC) has guided the full range of UUV classes in reliable execution of complex vehicle missions without human oversight.

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Metron Careers

Autonomy Career Opportunities

At Metron, experts in autonomy and robotics are overcoming challenges in the field of unmanned vehicle by designing impactful solutions for decision systems, vehicle health monitoring, simulators, and autonomous navigation.

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