Intelligent Vehicle Autonomy for the Most Challenging Missions

Metron develops innovative autonomy technologies enabling complex missions in challenging environments. Focus areas include autonomy for adaptive decision making, mission planning, health monitoring, simulation systems, and perception.

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Metron’s autonomy provides the core capabilities underlying our unmanned vehicle programs. Our autonomy combines advanced behaviors with innovative sensing and logic to support the most challenging of missions, including operations in dynamic environments where unanticipated events are likely, extended duration missions, and missions with multiple goals.


Autonomous vehicles function in environments where they must operate and adapt to a variety of dynamic situations, without human controllers. Developing the capabilities that enable these systems to adapt and make appropriate decisions is crucial for oceanic operations, such as search, exploration, and infrastructure inspection, and intervention missions.

Autonomous and Unmanned System Capabilities

Health Monitoring

Metron is developing technologies to improve mission reliability for unmanned vehicles via improved prognostics, intelligent planning, and adaptive decision making.

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Active and Recent Autonomous Systems Programs

Metron’s groundbreaking work enables autonomous vehicles in the most extreme environments: from remote ground locations to coastal waters to the deepest seas.

Unmanned Underwater Vehicles

  • ONR Advanced Undersea Mission Autonomy (AUMA)
  • DARPA TTO Angler
  • DARPA TTO Manta Ray
  • ONR Large Diameter Underwater Vehicle Innovative Naval Prototype
  • Metron ANCC Autonomy

Unmanned Ground Vehicles

  • PUMBA SBIR for the US Army

Unmanned Surface Vehicles

  • DARPA TTO No Manning Required, Ship (NOMARS)
  • Threat Avoidance Planning and Response SBIR for the US Navy (PMS 406)
  • Systems Health Monitoring SBIR for for the US Navy (PMS 406/PMS 420)
Products & Tools

Autonomy, Navigation, Command & Control (ANCC)

Metron's Autonomy, Navigation, Command & Control (ANCC) is an autonomy package that allows unmanned vehicles fully autonomous, reliable, execution of complex vehicle missions without human oversight.

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Metron Careers

Autonomy Career Opportunities

At Metron, experts in autonomy and robotics are overcoming challenges in the field of unmanned vehicle by designing impactful solutions for decision systems, vehicle health monitoring, simulators, and autonomous navigation.

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