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AirCue reflects over a decade of Metron commitment to advancing R&D in aviation safety and efficiency

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Integrated with live FAA SWIM data feeds​

AirCue’s accuracy in New York’s congested N90 TRACON airspace showcases its ability to address the diverse flow of aircraft at low altitudes. From the orchestrated movement of departures and arrivals to free-roaming non-commercial flights, AirCue delivers reliable predictions to help pilots and controllers deal with the intricate dynamics of aerial navigation.


Real-time safety intelligence for air traffic controllers and pilots via advanced trajectory predictions:​

  • Early near-miss predictions reduce flight disruptions.​

  • Flight path anomaly cues accelerate response to potential safety risks.


AirCue’s deep learning models accurately predict flight trajectories based on similar historical flights and environmental context.


  • Predictions anticipate turns and altitude changes, particularly during departure and arrival.​
  • Uncertainty regions characterize the normal trajectory variation.​
  • AirCue is tuned for the challenging low-altitude airspace (below 20,000 ft), capturing complexities of departures, arrivals, and non‑commercial flights.

Trajectory Predictions with Uncertainty for Two Aircraft


Increased safety and efficiency​

  • AirCue’s early aircraft-conflict predictions reduce near misses and aggressive resolution maneuvers due to longer lead time.
  • Airspace efficiency, flight time, and fuel usage are improved through reduced disruptions such as go-arounds (aborted landings).

  • Accurate trajectory predictions with 3D probability clouds yield accurate near miss probabilities.
  • Large advance over current system’s late, missed, and nuisance alerts from straight-path predictions.

Example near-miss incident that AirCue (if used) would have predicted much earlier than the current system by anticipating the left turn.


Unprecedented insights into potential air hazards​

  • AirCue generates alerts for abnormal flight paths in real time.​
  • Anomalies are filtered to operationally relevant cues to reduce nuisance alarms.​
  • Adaptability enables focusing on specific safety concerns.


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