Who We Are

Delivering innovative scientific solutions for the toughest problems.

Metron delivers innovative solutions to challenging problems. For over 39 years, our dedication to technical rigor and a first-principles approach to problem-solving has consistently yielded creative solutions at the intersection of advanced mathematics, computer science, physics, and engineering.

Metron is an employee-owned company dedicated to delivering innovative solutions for the most challenging problems. Metronites are leaders in their technical fields who have made the commitment to solve real-world problems.

Our employees excel in applied mathematics, statistical inference, signal processing, autonomy, and software development. Equally important, they are inquisitive problem solvers who enjoy working in small teams to craft novel solutions to thorny problems.

Work Philosophy

Our success depends upon recruiting and retaining the best talent available in the fields of applied mathematics, physics, computer science, and engineering. At Metron, we believe that employees should combine their innate talent with a willingness to work with others on challenging problems and to extend their knowledge to other disciplines. People at Metron have one goal: to produce cutting-edge, quality work. Recognition from our peers and clients is proof positive that we have indeed met this goal.

Our Core Values

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Metron's leadership team ensures that our 100% employee-owned company remains committed to our core values.

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Metron’s core values make us the industry leaders we are. Work here is exciting and impactful.

We are searching for experts in applied mathematics, software engineering, autonomy, and decision support interested in tackling the hardest problems.

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