Under the DARPA Prototype Resilient Operations Testbed for Expeditionary Urban Scenarios (PROTEUS) program, multiple performers collaborated to develop a simulated wargaming environment that “enables commanders to immerse themselves in a future conflict where they can deploy capabilities against a realistic adversary.” Metron developed two innovative decision aids that automate support planning in this environment: the Logistics Wizard and EMSO Wizard. When invoked during a wargame, the Logistics Wizards examines combat plans and forecasts demands for fuel, arms, and supplies based on likely actions and adversary engagements. It generates coordinated plans for logistics forces to load, maneuver, transfer and distribute supplies when and where they are needed to sustain the fight. The EMSO Wizard reasons over electromagnetic spectrum operations (EMSO) objectives to support combat and logistics plans. It recommends compositions of configured radios and jammers on units (primarily unmanned), together with plans for them to move and maintain resilient networks of communications relays and jammers, maintaining own force situational awareness (SA) while impairing the adversary. Per the DARPA program manager, “Using the PROTEUS software, Marines were able to visualize and manipulate their electromagnetic footprint, apply logistics support automation, and obtain quantitative analytics on the effectiveness of force packages and tactics in real time.”

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