Metron’s SAR organization, “Bridging the Gap,” has helped a search team in Arkansas to find a missing man this past month.

Here are some kind words from Julie, the founder:

“First of all, wow, just wow. Your software was a game changer on this past weekend’s search!! It’s amazing, truly amazing, and we’ve never been so confident in what areas were thoroughly searched. Safety was always a concern, we would send them into the woods and then wait and worry until they came back out – your software takes a majority of the worry out the picture. We are running on very low resources and have to get creative sometimes. Your software is a true blessing for us. We are small but have had amazing successes where others have failed; in 7 months we located 6 individuals – all of whom were in locations supposedly cleared by law enforcement.”

– Julie Pendley
Bridging the Gap Search Team
Founder/ Executive Director