Our clients are often users who are under pressure to assess volatile situations and make far-reaching decisions. The most elegant mathematical model is useless if the user does not understand or trust what the model is telling them. Metron follows a human-centered design approach to craft intuitive interfaces that help a user understand and act on our results without having to comprehend the intricacies of the models themselves. This two-pronged approach – coherent, first-principles model development coupled with intuitive interfaces – is what makes Metron’s solutions so well received. At the end of the day, we succeed when we deliver solutions that the operators want to use.

Clearly, technical skill and talent are required to develop and implement these models. Beyond those requirements, one needs the discipline to stick to a coherent model of the problem being addressed. All too often people succumb to the temptation of applying a quick, ad hoc fix to a model to make it “behave” properly. This may solve the short-term problem, but it corrupts the model and dilutes the insight and applicability of the model. In our experience, a well-constructed coherent model performs better than a corrupted one. It is the adherence to coherent models and sound mathematical reasoning that is at the core of Metron’s philosophy of work. It is what distinguishes Metron from other companies.