Metron is a leader in developing systems based on the perception-action cycle of cognition: sense the environment, form a perception of the scene, and then adapt the sensing action to satisfy system goals.

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Metron has been at the forefront of cognitive sensing research and development and has developed cognitive systems for radar, sonar, and maritime imaging applications.

Making Sense of Sensor Readings

Cognitive sensing systems mimic the perception-action cycle of cognition and contain a perceptual processor that converts raw sensor data into an informative perception of the environment and an executive processor that decides on the next sensing action.

  1. The cognitive processor interacts with the external environment through the hardware sensor and with the operational system through the perceptual and executive processors.
  2. The perceptual processor receives data from the hardware sensor and processes it into a perception of the environment.
  3. The perception is passed to the executive processor as well as out to the operational system.
  4. The executive processor receives the perception from the perceptual processor along with requirements from the system, and solves an optimization problem to determine the next sensor action.
  5. The executive processor informs the hardware sensor of the settings for the next observation, the sensor collects the next set of data, and the cycle repeats.

Metron Careers

Data Science Career Opportunities

Metron hires data scientists with experience researching novel approaches that advance the state of the art. Our data scientists apply these innovations to new problem domains working alongside subject matter experts. They are familiar with machine learning tools and pipelines and work with software engineers to integrate solutions into client systems.

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