Metron's Red Sky is a crowdsourced weather observations app for coastal mariners.

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Red Sky fills a gap in weather reporting in coastal maritime areas. The App collects data from sensors within mobile devices and external Bluetooth-connected weather sensors to populate fields in an observation report. With widespread use, it has the potential to supplement existing NOAA observations programs at a fraction of the cost of traditional weather data collection programs.

Weather in maritime coastal areas is often localized, dynamic, and difficult to predict. The Red Sky mobile application provides a capability to accurately crowd-source maritime weather conditions in real time using a simple, fun, and intuitive interface. These data help mariners conduct safe boating operations and let weather forecasters evaluate and improve the accuracy of their models.

Red Sky was developed by Metron, Inc. under a grant from NOAA. Red Sky capitalizes on the new wave of Citizen Science initiatives adopted by NOAA and other government agencies, enlisting the general public to make observations using ubiquitous mobile devices.

Key Capabilities

Red Sky collects data from:

  • sensors within mobile phones and tablets
  • external Bluetooth-connected weather sensors

This data populates fields in an observation report. Users can:

  • see all real-time reports displayed on a map
  • filter those reports
  • set alerts for extreme conditions
  • send out reports over Twitter for sharing in the community



Core Technologies

RedSky builds on Metron advances in the multiple research areas.

Trend Analysis and Anomaly Detection

Trend analysis models normalcy as it changes over time. Normalcy models are used predict the future and identify anomalous new or past events.

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Tracking and Fusion

Metron provides the US Navy with state-of-the-art tracking and fusion technologies, allowing operators to make sense of confusing and ambiguous sensor data.

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Network Science

Network science explores the results of connection. Whether it’s people, objects, or even ideas – network science untangles the complexities of large systems of any kind of connectable thing.

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